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Friday 30 07 04

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Art in a vending machine...

Welcome to Hayvend Laboratories Internet portal. This web site documents a unique arts project that sells a range of artists work in small cardboard boxes, through a network of vending machines located in London as well as the rest of the UK. Many artists have produced work for the project creating a fantastic diversity and range of interest.

Passion of John    > NEWS

We are starting our new blog area. The Passion of John is to be a cultural commentary and photographic note book.

Selected Hayvend artists work
Recent artists work

New and forthcoming artists work for Hayvend

Picture shows some recently succesful artist applicants, they include; Claire Haddon, Tim Ellis, Helen Dryden, Arkem, Heather Burgess, Lindsay Saddler, Shane Bradford, Brian Haynes, Stephen Mumberson and Kerry McGregor. All their work is currently available (or will be shortly) from the various Hayvend machine locations. The works in this selection are very diverse, from Tim Ellis's brightly coloured stickers to Lindsay Saddler's tongue in cheek Willy winkies.


We are always looking for something new, any one can apply, so why not have a go?.

Please take a look at the newly updated information pages...


  those mobile voices

those mobile voices is a new project devoted to those strange voices we all keep hearing


Recent Artists pages
Louisa Dunn
Maki Kondo
Daphna Weinstein
Anne Smith
Shane Bradford
Phil Marsden
D J Roberts
Claire Haddon
Tim Ellis
Andy Lockley
Cristina Misuraca
Helen Dryden
Rodrigo Zamora


Random Artists Page

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