Some adults assume that vaccines are just for kids. Others believe some vaccines that they got while kids protect them for life. This is not true since adults need the vaccine to protect them against diseases, which are common in adulthood. You should also remember that some grown-up were not vaccinated, newer vaccines were not there when some adults were kids, immunity can fade, and when we age, we become more prone to diseases such as pneumococcus and flu, which are common infections. You should always consult your doctor on what vaccine you need. Let him know if you have allergies, if you are pregnant, and if you are traveling internationally. This will affect the vaccines you require and the one you should skip. Here are adult vaccines to keep you up to date.

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B Vaccine

These are viruses that infect the liver. A study has shown that between two thousands and three thousand people, diagnosis hepatitis A and hepatitis B every year. Therefore hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccine protect grown-ups for at least twenty five years. This vaccine is meant for everyone, but the most people at risk are the one traveling outside their country, men who have sex with men, the one who have a chronic liver diseases, people who use illegal drug, the ones with clotting-factor disorder and a person who might come into a close contact with patient suffering from Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B.

You should not take Hepatitis A or Hepatitis B, if you have allergies to this vaccine. Always consult your doctor if you are pregnant, before taking this vaccine. Know that you should take hepatitis A vaccine in two doses, six months apart. Hepatitis B is taken into three shots.

Pneumococcal Vaccine

This vaccine prevents you from getting pneumococcal bacterial which can lead to meningitis, blood infections, pneumonia, and death. Pneumococcal polysaccharide and pneumococcal conjugate are the two types of this vaccine. This vaccine should be recommended by your doctor once you turn sixty-five years.

You should also have this vaccine if you are nineteen years old and you have a sickle cell disease, have a transplanted organ, have a cochlear implant, have an illness that affects your immune system, and have lived with a chronic illness. If you know you are allergic to this vaccine, don’t take it. Always remember that you should take pneumococcal conjugate vaccine first, then proceeds to pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine at least once per year.

Flu Vaccine

up the noseThis is the best protection adults may have against flu illness. The flu illness is less severe and likely to be shorter when one is vaccinated with the flu vaccine. This vaccine is for everyone, old, young, pregnant women and people with long-term health problems. You should never take this vaccine if you have a life-threatening allergic reaction to this vaccine. Get one shot every year and never forget to look for a new vaccine batch.

These are just but a few vaccines every adult should take, but always consider vaccines such as Tdap which stand for tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, HPV which stands for human papillomavirus, and MMR which stands for measles mumps and rubella.