JuiceA juicer is an appliance that operates electrically or manually. It mainly extracts juice from leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. Unlike the blender that grinds vegetables or that the pulp is strained out of the juice, a juicer has some mechanism that separates the pulp from the juice. However, it is essential to note that these juicer’s mechanisms of extraction differ. This is because of the different types of juicers such as twin press, single auger, manual press, centrifugal ejection, centrifugal, and masticating.

Masticating type of a juicer has the slow speed motor that masticates the vegetables and fruits. Most people use manual press juicer because it retains juice nutrients best. This is because oxidation does not occur during the extraction process. Also, the centrifugal ejection type of a juicer is designed in a way that it has a basket that has slanted sides. This is important to the user because it makes it easier to clean.

Juicing is essential to your immune system because it helps you to get the recommended servings of vegetables and fruits. Also, juicing is ideal for cancer patients especially those who have finished their treatment. It is advisable that you do not drink too much of juice from high sugar vegetables and fruits. This is because it will affect your blood sugar levels.

ThingsĀ to consider in choosing a masticating juicer

1. Cleaning

This is one of the aspects that you need to consider first when choosing the best masticating juicer. You need to ensure that your juicer is easy to clean after each use. Do not consider to take a juicer that takes the time to clean. This is because it will make the juice unpleasant. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a juicer that has a dishwasher safe parts. This will make your cleaning easier.

2. Noise

This is one of the crucial things you are required to look for in a masticating juicer. You, therefore, need to know how much noise it makes during the operation. It is important to know that masticating juicer are well known to be operating quietly. Therefore, ensure that you know the masticating juicer well before making any purchasing decision.

3. Space

juicerIt is important to consider the size of the juicer you are buying. Consider the room size of your kitchen before deciding to purchase a juicer. Know the exact size to avoid some of the confusion that may occur. If you do not have enough space left in your kitchen, consider a portable juicer that does not require much space.

4. Durability

When buying a juicer consider buying a better quality. It is essential that you consider buying a juicer that has a good warranty. This will give you an assurance that your juicer will last for long. Therefore, consider the durability of your juicer before making any decision.

5. Affordability

Regardless of you deciding on purchasing a high-quality juicer, it is essential to consider the cost. Ensure that you purchase it at a reasonable price. It is not necessary that it should be expensive but at an affordable price.